Duchesse Satin: A lightweight hybrid of silk and rayon (or bridal gowns polyester) woven into a satin finish.

Dupioni: A finish similar to shantung, but with thicker, coarser fibers, and a slight sheen.

Just weeks before their November wedding, the couple had had enough, they said, and requested a full refund of about $1,000.

"I kept calling and leaving messages (at the store)," said Celeste, 25.

How has your sense of style evolved over the past few years?

Since the Amber Lounge Fashion show was launched in Monaco, and celebrity wedding dresses now in Singapore, I am more aware of fashion. It's great because I get style tips from the professionals: Matthew Williamson, Margherita Missoni and even your local designer Frederick Lee. Plus, with all the celebrities that are part of the events, they teach me the tricks of the trade - Elizabeth Hurley, for example, taught me the perfect way to stand in front of a camera, while Kim Kardashian let me into her secret of achieving a great profile.

What is your ultimate shopping weakness?

My girls ... I treat them when I can without spoiling them.

Do you splurge on clothes?

I don't actually spend a lot on clothes as my focus is more on my wedding dresses with color two girls. However, the two most expensive purchases were a Gucci long evening dress - very sexy - which I bought about five years (ago), and the second was made this year on my first trip to Delhi doing a recce for our first Amber Lounge that runs during the Indian Grand Prix next month. I fell in love with this beautiful pashmina - it was very expensive, but I take it everywhere with me.

What is one item you can't live without?

I can't live without my wraparound cardigans from BGBC Max Azria. They are black bridesmaid dresses so comfortable, yet very stylish and go with any outfit.

It turned out the store had closed down. "I couldn't believe what happened," she said.

The store — which later reopened at a new location in Chicago — did agree to pay back some of the costs. But Pierre said she was forced to spend hundreds of extra dollars to have a seamstress make new dresses one week before the wedding.

Complaints like Pierre's are becoming more frequent, according to the Better Business Bureau. The BBB released a report in June that showed a 43 percent increase in complaints against bridal shops — 261 compared with 182 — in a 12-month period.

Other wedding services that have seen high complaint numbers, according to thediscount bridesmaid dresses BBB, are wedding planners, car and limousine rentals, DJs, photographers, florists, and jewelers.